The stress cooker is understood to be the ‘ace’ of all kitchens. Various dishes are usually cooked in it like lentils, soaked dry beans, greens, and meat. These dishes often take a very long time to cook dinner however their cooking time is vastly diminished with the stress cooker.

A traditional stress cooker consists of a pot fabricated from steel equivalent to Aluminum or Stainless Metal. It has a lid with a locking mechanism that covers it completely and would not let the steam exit. The meals is compelled to cook dinner with steam stress and warmth, which reduces the cooking time however with sure penalties.

This excessive stress destroys the fragile dietary cells in meals, leaving meals nutritionally depleted. Additionally, when the steam is launched from the vent (this needs to be carried out earlier than opening the lid), important water-soluble vitamins are misplaced within the steam. This is the reason the meals cooked is so smashed and mushy. However this isn’t all, issues that go below the hood are much more worrisome.

At cooking temperature, the steel physique of the pot leaches ions and meals being a biochemical entity, reacts with them. A few of these metals are fairly dangerous and their extended ingestion with meals causes many persistent sicknesses like Diabetes and Alzheimer. So you possibly can see, how dangerous a traditional stress cooker could be to meals and your loved ones’s well being.

Now the query is – is there a wholesome various? Fortunately, there may be.

A stress cooker fabricated from pure clay is a 100% secure and wholesome various and serves the identical objective. There are completely no toxins in pure clay to infect meals. They arrive with steam locker lids that don’t let the steam evaporate freely. So it settles naturally over meals leaving the water-soluble vitamins intact. Additionally, steam builds up steadily contained in the pot and would not power the meals to cook dinner with excessive warmth and steam stress. As a substitute, it coaxes the meals to cook dinner and there’s no substantial enhance in cooking time.

Moreover, pure clay pots are straightforward to wash and work with. They will work each within the oven and on the range high. So as to add to this, the design is so much easier with solely two components to work with – a pot and a lid, no rubber rings, vent pipes, stress regulators, overpressure plugs and so forth.

The uncooked materials they’re produced from is pure clay which is scientifically confirmed to be secure and wholesome. These are sufficient causes so that you can go and select a kind of wholesome pure clay stress pots. You by no means know which one may fit your wants.


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