I at the moment have a USB broadband modem. I bought a wi-fi router which has ethernet connections. At present, the modem is plugged into my pc downstairs which is working Home windows 98, due to this fact, it will not bridge the connections to my pc upstairs(XP). I am unable to replace to XP as a result of a member of the family wont ‘danger’ it.

Can I join the USB broadband modem to my wi-fi router utilizing a sophisticated choice of cable adapters ie ethernet to USB (I cant discover a USB TO ETHERNET adapter). If this isn’t doable, if I plug the USB modem into my XP pc, can I bridge the connections to my Win 98 pc utilizing the XP pc because the host?

I feel their is Ethernet to USB out their at the moment however not USB to ethernet. I dont see any cause why you shouldn’t be capable of hook up your USB modem to your XP pc and use it as a bridge to the 98 pc.

After all, it will be nicer to have an all-in-one unit, however you possibly can accomplish your objective with this gear. You can not use cable adapters to transform the modem’s USB into Ethernet. USB wants drivers to function, and Ethernet connections don’t present these drivers to the machine. you might additionally join the modem to the XP machine and bridge connections, sure. however you possibly can depart the system the best way it’s and configure it to run easily like this:

If I had the hardwear in entrance of me, it will be simpler to offer specifics… however i can probly offer you an concept of what to do. There are solely 2 steps right here:

1. configure an web gateway.

2. configure the router.

And the remaining is straightforward.

1. Arrange the web machine to SHARE AN INTERNET CONNECTION (you need to use the wizard in order for you, or simply allow Web Connection Sharing), which is able to flip the 98 into an web gateway. that gateway wants an IP tackle designated, nonetheless. In essence, the 98 machine would be the web server, so the IP of the 98 machine is the IP of the gateway. Assign an tackle, for instance: to the 98 machine. the “192.168” is necessary, and the final strings you possibly can stretch on, however for the sake of ease lets hold it small. *TIP* the subnet masks will at all times be okay that takes care of the host machine.

2. after you’ve gotten an web gateway, join the wi-fi router, and console (or IP) in to the settings, normally by going into web explorer and typing into the tackle bar, and search for a slot for Web Gateway. Sort the tackle assigned in step 1. thats that for the router. (there could also be different settings essential in your particular community, and if there are, you should definitely configure these.)

Lastly a number of housekeeping duties. ensure the workgroup for each machines is similar. I normally use MSHOME because the workgroup. Additionally make it possible for on the XP machine, your IP tackle is ready to “Robotically Get hold of IP tackle”, often known as DHCP.


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