Battery Charger

Gear failure may be minimized by correct automobile upkeep and care. However even with correct upkeep, automobile lights can unintentionally be left on, or the radio left on for an extended time frame, inflicting energy loss. What must you do if you’re caught in such a predicament? Maintain the following tips in thoughts.

1. DON’T PANIC….As with every incident the worst factor you are able to do is Panic.

2. If not already off the street, attempt to keep out of harms approach.

3. Warn different drivers by utilizing Reflective Security Triangles or Emergency Lights (each of which can be found in your Crimson Cross Emergency Security Equipment).

4. Test your battery by turning the ignition key to the Begin Place. For those who hear a fast clicking sound, or the lights come on after which go dim, or no sound in any respect, examine the battery connections.

5. To no avail, it’s time to use your Straightforward-Begin Battery Charger which may be positioned in your American Crimson Cross Fundamental Auto Security Equipment.

6. Keep in mind gases emitting from the battery, so don’t smoke or gentle a cigarette across the battery.

7. Don’t try and push begin your automobile, apart from this being an awesome hazard to you and others, this might additionally injury your engine.

8. Keep away from all contact with battery acid…it is extremely corrosive.

9. Don’t disconnect the battery of a DISABLED automobile.

10. Make certain the automobile to be jumped and the helping automobile aren’t touching. Additionally ensure you aren’t touching each automobiles on the identical time whereas charging.

11. Flip your Straightforward-Begin Battery Charger to the “check” place, and insert the plug into the useless automobile’s 12-volt/lighter receptacle.

12. Insert the opposite plug into the receptacle of the automobile with the nice battery.

13. Within the automobile with the useless battery flip the ignition key to the Off place. A check gentle will flip inexperienced and the cost gentle will flip crimson to point a very good, stable connection.

14. Flip the Straightforward-Begin Battery Charger swap to the “Cost” place.

15. Begin the automobile with the nice battery and depart it operating till it fees the useless battery.

16. As soon as the automobile with the useless battery is correctly charged, don’t shut off the automobile till you attain your vacation spot; after which instantly have the battery checked for correct voltage.

At all times bear in mind to Maintain the Straightforward-Begin Battery Charger out of the attain of youngsters.

The Straightforward-Begin Battery Charger is just designed for emergency functions.

Make certain the enter to your automobile is 12-volts. Don’t use a 24-volt energy provide, as this could hurt your automobile’s electrical system.

The Straightforward-Begin Battery Charger is a part of your Crimson Cross Fundamental Auto Security Equipment.


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