Query: 1

A technician must restrict the quantity of broadcast site visitors on a community and permit completely different segments to speak with one another. Which of the next choices would fulfill these necessities?

A. Add a router and allow OSPF.

B. Add a layer Three change and create a VLAN.

C. Add a bridge between two switches.

D. Add a firewalland implement correct ACL.

Reply: B

Query: 2

The community set up is failing redundancy testing on the MDF. The site visitors being transported is a mix of multicast and unicast indicators. Which of the next would BEST deal with the rerouting attributable to the disruption of service?

A. Layer Three change

B. Proxy server

C. Layer 2 change

D. Sensible hub

Reply: A

Query: 3

Which of the next community units use ACLs to stop unauthorized entry into firm techniques?


B. Firewall

C. Content material filter

D. Load balancer

Reply: B

Query: 4

Which of the next is used to outline how a lot bandwidth can be utilized by numerous protocols on the community?

A. Visitors shaping

B. Excessive availability

C. Load balancing

D. Fault tolerance

Reply: A

Query: 5

Which of the next is used to authenticate distant employees who join from offsite? (Choose TWO).


B. VTP trunking

C. Digital PBX


E. 802.1x

Reply: D,E

Query: 6

Which of the next gives accounting, authorization, and authentication through a centralized privileged database, in addition to, problem/response and password encryption?

A. Multifactor authentication



D. Community entry management

Reply: C

Query: 7

A technician must put aside addresses in a DHCP pool in order that sure servers at all times obtain the identical handle. Which of the next needs to be configured?

A. Leases

B. Helper addresses

C. Scopes

D. Reservations

Reply: D

Query: 8

Joe, a community technician, is organising a DHCP server on a LAN section. Which of the next choices ought to Joe configure within the DHCP scope, to be able to permit hosts on that LAN section utilizing dynamic IP addresses, to have the ability to entry the Web and inner firm servers? (Choose THREE).

A. Default gateway

B. Subnet masks

C. Reservations

D. TFTP server

E. Lease expiration time of 1 day

F. DNS servers

G. Bootp

Reply: A,B,F

Query: 9

A technician simply accomplished a brand new exterior web site and setup entry guidelines within the firewall. After some testing, solely customers exterior the interior community can attain the positioning. The web site responds to a ping from the interior community and resolves the right public handle. Which of the next may the technician do to repair this problem whereas inflicting inner customers to path to the web site utilizing an inner handle?

A. Configure NAT on the firewall

B. Implement a cut up horizon DNS

C. Place the server within the DMZ

D. Alter the right inner ACL

Reply: B

Query: 10

When configuring a brand new server, a technician requests that an MX document be created in DNS for the brand new server, however the document was not entered correctly. Which of the next was MOST possible put in that required an MX document to perform correctly?

A. Load balancer

B. FTP server

C. Firewall DMZ

D. Mail server

Reply: D

Query: 11

Which of the next protocols makes use of label-switching routers and label-edge routers to ahead site visitors?





Reply: D

Query: 12

Which of the next is MOST possible to make use of an RJ-11 connector to attach a pc to an ISP utilizing a POTS line?

A. Multilayer change

B. Entry level

C. Analog modem

D. DOCSIS modem

Reply: C

Query: 13

An administrator notices an unused cable behind a cupboard that’s terminated with a DB-9 connector. Which of the next protocols was MOST possible used on this cable?

A. RS-232

B. 802.3


D. Tokenring

Reply: A

Query: 14

Which of the next connection varieties is used to terminate DS3 connections in a telecommunications facility?

A. 66 block


C. F-connector

D. RJ-11

Reply: B

Query: 15

An F-connector is used on which of the next sorts of cabling?


B. Single mode fiber


D. RG6

Reply: D

Query: 16

A community technician should make the most of multimode fiber to uplink a brand new networking system. Which of the next Ethernet requirements may the technician make the most of? (Choose TWO).

A. 1000Base-LR

B. 1000Base-SR

C. 1000Base-T

D. 10GBase-LR

E. 10GBase-SR

F. 10GBase-T

Reply: B,E

Query: 17


You could have been tasked with testing a CAT5e cable. A abstract of the take a look at outcomes will be discovered on the display screen.

Step 1: Choose the device that was used to create the cable take a look at outcomes.

Step 2: Interpret the take a look at outcomes and choose the choice that explains the outcomes. After you might be performed together with your evaluation, click on the ‘Submit Cable Check Evaluation’ button.

Query: 18

A community engineer must arrange a topology that won’t fail if there may be an outage on a single piece of the topology. Nonetheless, the computer systems want to attend to speak on the community to keep away from congestions. Which of the next topologies would the engineer implement?

A. Star

B. Bus

C. Ring

D. Mesh

Reply: C

Query: 19

A community topology that makes use of a central system with point-to-point connections to all different units is which of the next?

A. Star

B. Ring

C. Mesh

D. Bus

Reply: A

Query: 20

Which of the next community topologies has a central, single level of failure?

A. Ring

B. Star

C. Hybrid

D. Mesh

Reply: B

Query: 21

Which of the next refers to a community that spans a number of buildings which might be inside strolling distance of one another?





Reply: A

Query: 22

Which of the next community infrastructure implementations can be used to help recordsdata being transferred between Bluetooth-enabled smartphones?





Reply: A


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