Terracotta is a time period interchangeably used for pots and pans produced from low hearth pure clay. Terracotta cooking pots have been used for ages by totally different civilizations not simply because the uncooked materials was simply accessible, but additionally as a result of clay pot cooking was thought-about the healthiest technique for cooking meals (take into account: Ayurveda & Sidha, historical faculties of plant-based drugs mandate clay cooking for its many well being advantages).

Terracotta cooking pots had been good for wholesome cooking in these occasions however with modernization, issues modified drastically. Industrialization gave rise to totally different sorts of pollution that grew to become frequent in air, water, and land. Additionally, the manufacturing course of was geared toward making pots on a big scale in probably the most handy means doable… And with the provision of chemical compounds and poisonous components to makes issues quicker, look prettier, its actual worth in well being was compromised.

Sadly, with the terracotta cooking pots accessible right now, the standard of clay used is usually questionable. It’s principally secondary or tertiary clay combined with components. The components are chemical compounds added to the clay to extend elasticity, for uniformity in firing, and so as to add shade (glazing) to the fired gadgets. Sure chemical compounds are added for ease of processing and to extend manufacturing velocity as nicely.

With the intention to make wholesome cooking pots from clay right now, it’s essential to take all of the measures essential to make the healthiest cookware on the planet. The maker has to maintain the next issues in thoughts to make sure the well being of its cooking pots:

Use 100% Major clay – pure and free from pure contaminants. It must be harvested from non-industrialized and unfarmed lands (going again 200 years).

1. To make sure its purity, a number of samples must be examined in a state lab for contaminants like lead, cadmium, arsenic and many others.

2. No chemical compounds or components must be used at any stage of constructing. Because the mechanized processes demand using chemical compounds, it’s best to comply with the great old style technique of constructing pots by throwing the uncooked materials (clay) on a potter’s wheel utilizing skillful fingers. The method could also be a bit tedious however it’s completely value it when folks’s well being is on the road.

3. Use of glazes and enamels is an enormous NO! Any form of chemical and steel added to this pure materials has the potential to leach into meals whereas cooking. So it is best to keep away from even glazing (a mix of poisonous chemical compounds and oxides). The pure shade of fired clay is nice to the eyes and when utilized and burnished with the identical clay it additionally makes the cookware naturally non-stick. So, NO glazes or enamels are wanted and should be prevented.

The clay pots made after following all these steps become the healthiest and take advantage of nutritious and scrumptious meals.


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