Purchasing a desktop computer monitor stand may seem like a pretty straightforward choice; after all, it’s just a simple inexpensive tool to support your computer monitor. However, you cannot highlight the importance of a monitor stand based on its price, as this little peripheral forms an essential part of your workstation or entertainment system, housing probably the most expensive piece of equipment in the system; the monitor.

10. Rolodex 82411 Monitor Stands

The industrial look and feel of the Rolodex 82411 — which features fine metal mesh panels with striking silver accents — would blend right into a startup’s office space or a trendy loft condo. The solid metal edging adds strength and stability.

  • Includes a cord organizer
  • No sharp edges for safety
  • Lacks areas for storage

9. 3M Platform Monitor Stands

The 3M Platform is an adequate office solution for maximizing desk space by expanding upward instead of outward. Built for simplicity, it has a black surface supported by sturdy stackable columns that can be adjusted to three height settings.

  • Comes in 3 different widths
  • Easy to alter the height
  • Middle may sag over time

8. Fellowes Designer Monitor Stands

Straightforward and functional, the Fellowes Designer allows you to customize your workstation to provide the optimal viewing angle. It’s reliably stable, with an integrated drawer for storing and accessing office essentials, like pens, notepads and paperclips.

  • Multiple units can be stacked
  • Drawer has 3 compartments
  • Keyboard will not fit underneath

7. Stand Steady Jumbo Monitor Stands

Utilitarian in design and easy to put together, the Stand Steady Jumbo is a low-maintenance option that looks at home in virtually any office space. It stands at nearly five inches in height, placing it at an ideal level to reduce eye, neck and back strain.

  • Includes all required setup tools
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Legs are a bit thin and flimsy

6. AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stands

It may be simple in function and appearance, but the AmazonBasics Adjustable provides what you need in a riser: reliable stability for displays and laptops weighing up to 22 pounds, the ability to modify its height, and an efficient space-saving design.

  • 11-inch-wide bottom storage area
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Nice blend of value and quality

5. Kantek MS500 Monitor Stands

Minimize clutter to create a more efficient workspace with the Kantek MS500 , which utilizes an extra-wide design to support today’s large laptops and monitors. It also features a cable management area to prevent a tangled mess of cords from developing.

  • Built-in handles for easy carrying
  • 5 distinct design options
  • Gaming consoles fit underneath

4. Allsop Art Monitor Stands

If you have a contemporary space, the Allsop Art will blend right in and help keep your laptop or monitor cool. Made from powder-coated steel with a perforated mesh pattern, it will provide optimal airflow for all of your equipment.

  • Protective feet prevent shifting
  • Keyboard easily slides underneath
  • 3 colors to choose from

3. Sparco Mesh Monitor Stands

Well-built with nice, smooth edges, the Sparco Mesh is constructed with a handy tray that offers enough space to accommodate a legal pad and office supplies. It’s sturdy enough to hold a monitor or a small printer with room for a keyboard underneath.

  • Scratch-resistant protective finish
  • Drawer slides out smoothly
  • Simple and unobtrusive

2. Monoprice Multimedia Monitor Stands

If you’re seeking a combination of style, convenience and value, the Monoprice Multimedia is worth serious consideration. This sleek-looking stackable glass shelf comes in five different sizes, so you can match it to the hardware you already own.

  • Extendable feet to keep it level
  • Legs made from tough aluminum
  • Available in a black or clear design

1. Ecobambu Home & Office Monitor Stands

Improve your posture and enhance the decor of your workspace with the Ecobambu Home & Office , which includes two nifty slide-out drawers for storing items like notepads, writing utensils and mobile devices. There’s plenty of space under the riser, too.

  • 80-pound weight capacity
  • Has an integrated cupholder
  • Built with tough moso bamboo

How to Choose the Best Desktop Computer Monitor Stand

So how should you choose the best monitor riser for your computer? Let’s find out.

Build Quality and Material Monitor Stands

The most important thing to look out for when selecting a monitor stand is the build quality. The stand should have no flex whatsoever, and should be strong enough to support the monitor’s weight. Besides the flex, there should be no creaking sounds when you fit the monitor onto the stand. This is a sign that the stand is made of poor quality material, which would give way sooner or later.

Also important to note is the material that the stand is made from. Though most monitor arms are made of plastic or other non-magnetic materials, some manufacturers may also use electromagnets for electrical components such as a USB charging port. While you may think this is more “bang for your buck”, the circuitry’s magnetic field can interfere with the electrical components of the monitor, causing more harm than good.

If you are considering a monitor stand with power outlets, make sure the components generate low magnetism. This can be checked with a measuring device, or more conveniently with common household items such as a compass.

Adjustability Monitor Stands

This is especially important if you use an LCD monitor, which has relatively narrow viewing angles. Make sure you get an adjustable height monitor stand, with which you can change the monitor’s altitude from the mounting point. It would also be preferable to get one with an adjustable horizontal swivel as well, though this isn’t as common. The manufacturer usually provides a swivel for adjustable height monitor stands, though more expensive monitor riser may also use electronic controls.

Mounting Options Monitor Stands

Next on the list are the mounting options of the stand. There should be a hole in the back of the stand in case of a wall mounting option, though more common are mounts at the bottom of the stand, which keep the monitor in place during use. The former is something you should consider if you plan on using your monitor as part of a home entertainment system.

Color Monitor Stands

Though this isn’t as important as the above, it is still something you should consider, as the monitor stand should match its surroundings. This makes the system look aesthetically pleasing, as the stand would fit in with the rest of the equipment.