Pcs and computers have become indispensable to our everyday life during present times. Everything is stored in the form of data and information on the computers. This has given rise to the chances of information being stolen by hackers. We need to be extra cautious while we are working on computers or laptops in public areas with too many eyes around us. Monitor privacy screen filters come in handy when it comes to protecting the information which gets displayed on the monitor.

9. E&J Surf Secure Monitor Privacy Filters

Users of Microsoft’s popular Surface Pro line will appreciate the E&J Surf Secure , which mounts using a single strong magnet and keeps you from having to apply anything sticky to your high-end device. Furthermore, it’s simple to install only when you need it.

  • Won’t hinder touch capability
  • Reduces blue light output
  • Doesn’t come in a desktop version

8. Kensington Snap2 Monitor Privacy Filters

It’s quick and easy to add or remove the Kensington Snap2 , which slips onto the top of your monitor in mere seconds. This one is available in sizes ranging from 17 to 24 inches, though it will not match all screens perfectly.

  • Doesn’t require adhesives
  • Reduces screen clarity slightly
  • Only comes in 4-to-3 aspect ratio

7. Tech Armor 4Way Monitor Privacy Filters

Intended specifically for use with 9.7-inch iPads, the Tech Armor 4Way does a good job of preventing strangers from seeing what you see, no matter which direction they look from. Additionally, it’s one of the few that doesn’t negatively affect touchscreen performance.

  • Protects screen from scratches
  • Attaches without forming bubbles
  • Can’t be removed easily

6. 3M Touch Monitor Privacy Filters

Whether you’re in a coffee shop, on public transportation, or renting a co-working space, the 3M Touch will help keep you safe from snooping. It can accommodate somewhat less common devices, like those with Dell Infinity displays or with 12-inch, 3:2 aspect ratios.

  • Comes in black or gold
  • Particularly thin design
  • Few size options

5. 3M GF Series Monitor Privacy Filters

Unlike many other options, which just make your monitor dark when viewed from an angle, the 3M GF Series casts the screen in a vivid golden hue. Not only does this look a bit nicer, it may also remind those with wandering eyes to mind their own business.

  • Clearer than most black models
  • Five sizes from 21 to 24 inches
  • Can enhance contrast

4. Vintez Anti-Glare Monitor Privacy Filters

The Vintez Anti-Glare comes with adhesive strips and slide mounting tabs, so you can choose whether you want to attach it permanently or use it only occasionally. There’s an impressive number of sizes to choose from for both of the most common widescreen aspect ratios.

  • Comprised of seven layers
  • Blocks potentially harmful radiation
  • Angle adjusts with brightness level

3. Air Mat Premium Monitor Privacy Filters

The Air Mat Premium is offered in black or gold and comes in a huge variety of sizes tailored to common screen dimensions. It’s also available in a glass version that is designed to match high-end Apple products, though that one is only for 21.5- and 27-inch displays.

  • Can help reduce eyestrain
  • Filters out some blue light
  • Moderately priced

2. AmazonBasics Widescreen Monitor Privacy Filters

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop or a portable computer, the AmazonBasics Widescreen probably comes in a version that will fit almost perfectly. There are even options created specifically for the Surface Pro and several different iPads.

  • Sizes from 8 to 28 inches
  • Great for new macbooks
  • Among the most cost-effective models

1. 3M PF Series Monitor Privacy Filters

If you need reliable protection from prying eyes, the 3M PF Series is a good option. From straight on, the screen looks bright and easy to read, and there is a model available to fit almost any monitor with either a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.

  • Resists fingerprint smudges
  • Reversible matte side reduces glare
  • Sleek frameless design

How to choose Monitor Privacy Filters

1. Shape of Monitor

As the monitor’s screen saver comes in various sizes and shapes the selection of the best filter for monitor requires some homework but this work is not too difficult to be done. Before the selection of any filters, it is a very good choice to check the physical characteristics of the monitor. Computer monitors basically come in two shapes – widescreen and standard. Monitors with widescreen are wider than standard ones that’s why they are different. To check the ratio of the monitor is very important in the understanding of the monitor’s shape. 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 (standard monitors) are very common ratios.

2. Size of Monitor
After figuring out the exact shape, the next very important task is the measuring of the monitor’s size to choose the right filter for a monitor. The measuring unit used in inches and the size will be measured from one corner to the other diagonally. When you get into the market to purchase the screen filter you should know about the size of the corresponding monitor screen.

3. Frame of Monitor
There are many frames that offer very interesting design, these frames do not physically attach witch a monitor but as you fix that frame on the monitor it simply stays there. Due to this design, it becomes very easy to remove it when needed and it is very much for desktop computers as their monitors are individual.

There are many essential characteristics which the users must check before purchasing the filter for his or her monitor. There are various factors that must be considered like customer’s expenditure but if you’re interested to buy a new filter and wants an idea then you must check the following list of cost-effective products available in the market.