And not using a business paintball discipline, again yard woodsball gamers are sometimes confronted with the dilemma of the place to get their air tanks refilled. Whereas paintball weapons are powered by moveable CO2 or compressed air tanks, these have to be refilled usually for continued play. Relying on how shut you reside to the closest air tank refill station, your capacity to play as usually as you need could also be extraordinarily restricted. Caught up with the joy of the sport, most gamers do not suppose to test tank refill availability till after they’ve already purchased their tools – solely to seek out out they will not have the ability to use it as a lot as they need.

Luckily, with somewhat ingenuity and inventive thought course of, the query of how one can refill your paintball gun air tanks may be much less daunting. Should you discover there aren’t any filling stations to your moveable CO2 or compressed air tanks in your space, you may all the time purchase your personal refill tools, nevertheless that is the costliest route. Earlier than doing this, test a couple of non-paintball associated sources for potential tank refills that could be in your space, simply ready to be found.

Whether or not you got your paintball tools from an area institution or a web-based retailer, the paintball gun air tanks come empty and have to be stuffed. The primary locations to search for filling up your paintball air tanks are established refill stations in/close to your neighborhood. Walmart used to supply a CO2 tank refill/trade program and this was very handy (because it appears almost everybody lives considerably near a Walmart someplace), nevertheless they stopped providing this a number of years in the past.

Different identified institutions that fill moveable CO2 or compressed air tanks for paintball weapons are Dick’s Sporting Items and huge searching gear shops, similar to Cabella’s and Bass Professional Store. Should you stay near a business paintball discipline that rents out weapons and provides, usually these institutions have tools that may refill paintball air tanks as effectively. Firms similar to these cost nominal charges for this service (normally lower than $5/tank) and that is the best and most cost-effective solution to refill CO2 or compressed air tanks.

If you do not have a business paintball discipline in your city or stay shut sufficient to one of many giant searching or sports activities gear shops, there are a couple of different locations to test. First search for a paintball provides retailer to see if they provide a tank refill service or no less than know the place to go. Sadly, these retailers are even more durable to seek out than business fields as most paintball tools is purchased on-line, nevertheless it is price checking. Typically native gun retailers will supply moveable air tank refills as they might additionally promote paintball or airsoft tools. They might additionally know of the place to go if they do not supply the service.

If these sources are barren, there are different locations to look nevertheless might require a small funding of your personal refill station tools. Whether or not you utilize CO2 or compressed air, you will have a bulk tank and a cylinder refill station package. Refill station kits embrace the air line, fittings and valves wanted to switch air from a bigger tank to a smaller moveable tank. Remember nevertheless, CO2 tanks and refill kits are totally different than compressed air tanks and refill kits and usually can’t be blended and matched.

Keep in mind, if you are going to arrange your personal paintball air tank refill station, you’ll nonetheless have to seek out refills to your bulk dimension tanks as effectively, nevertheless that is typically simpler than discovering refills for the small, moveable cylinders used immediately in your marker. Should you select bulk dimension tanks and tools to refill moveable CO2 cylinders, the smallest dimension bulk CO2 tanks vary from 20 lbs. and as much as 35 lbs.; these tanks appear like scuba tanks and may be purchased on-line at paintball retailers that promote tools for business fields.

One other nice supply of bulk CO2 tanks are corporations that promote welding provides. These teams are additionally normally the primary place to search for refilling bulk dimension CO2 tanks. Typically welding provide corporations may also supply bulk CO2 tank leases and plenty of instances that is even cheaper and higher than precise possession. As an proprietor of a bulk dimension air tank, you might be liable for its expiration date and subsequent prices for getting it security hydro-tested and re-stamped. If the tank you personal turns into broken, you may be caught with a tank that nobody will fill; nevertheless rental tanks may be exchanged for brand new ones with up to date hydro-testing security rankings.

Refilling a conveyable CO2 cylinder from a bulk dimension tank is pretty simple and requires a refill station package and a tank scale. Tank scales are small, digital scales that can weigh your moveable CO2 cylinder so you may see when it will get full. These may be purchased at most paintball shops nevertheless usually are not particular to paintball and any digital scale can be utilized; CO2 tank scales are finest as a result of you may dangle the moveable tank from the dimensions for simpler use. A pair of security goggles must also be worn when transferring air from the majority tank into the smaller cylinder.

With all nozzles and ASA adaptors within the ‘off’ place, connect the refill station package strains to each the majority tank and moveable cylinder to be stuffed. Open the ASA adaptor on the moveable CO2 tank and dangle it from the tank scale. First report the burden of the empty CO2 tank, then tare the dimensions to zero. Open the valve on the majority CO2 tank so you may hear the gasoline speeding into the moveable cylinder; fill till the tank weighs the proper variety of ounces (similar to the ounce dimension of the tank; both 9, 12, 16 or 20oz.’s). For finest measures, solely fill moveable CO2 tanks as much as 1oz. lower than max capability; this leaves room for gasoline growth as a consequence of temperature adjustments in storage or journey, and so forth.

Organising your personal refill station for compressed air is the same arrange as CO2, nevertheless refilling the moveable tanks to your paintball gun is even simpler. Similar to the CO2 refill station tools, you will have a bulk dimension excessive stress air tank and refill station package. Scuba tanks make wonderful bulk dimension compressed air tanks and are generally accessible from 30 cubic ft as much as 100 and 3000psi. You should purchase scuba tanks of this dimension on-line or at any dive store for below $300 relying on the dimensions you need. It’s also possible to buy enormous, industrial dimension bulk compressed air tanks nevertheless these can price upwards of $1000 and (similar to business dimension CO2 bulk tanks) are in all probability most price efficient to lease.

Filling bulk dimension compressed air tanks is commonly supplied at welding provide and business air tank corporations, nevertheless may be executed with any business dimension air compressor. Remember nevertheless the dimensions air compressor wanted to refill bulk dimension excessive stress air tanks usually are not the $250 mannequin used to stress wash your own home. The dimensions air compressor required to refill air tanks typically price between $4000 and $13,000; typically price prohibitive for the leisure person. Industrial dimension air compressors can typically be discovered with center to giant dimension building corporations who may be keen to assist refill your air tanks for a nominal payment.

Transferring air from bulk dimension compressed air tanks to smaller, moveable excessive stress air tanks that match in your paintball gun is even simpler than the CO2 refill course of. As a result of compressed air tanks have a stress gauge, you don’t want a scale to weigh them to inform after they grow to be full. Merely attaching the refill package hoses or scuba fill station to each tanks, opening the valves and watching the stress gauges will suffice. As excessive stress air tanks usually are not topic to stress adjustments with temperature, you shouldn’t have to make any changes to account for this (such as you do when refilling moveable CO2 tanks).

Earlier than buying an costly allotment of paintball gear, test your location to see how simple (or tough) will probably be to refill your paintball gun air tanks. Relying on availability, make the selection of CO2 or excessive stress air based mostly on what you discover. Although compressed air is usually higher for paintball weapons, it is best to decide on which air supply you utilize based mostly in your capacity to get your tanks refilled for probably the most constant play. With the precise tools and knowledge nevertheless, it may be very reasonably priced to grow to be your personal paintball gun air tank refill station!


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