LCD projectors work higher for static Microsoft PowerPoint® displays or detailed monetary spreadsheets. DLP works higher for full movement video.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Show and DLP stands for Digital Gentle Processing.

LCD is an analog-based show expertise using three fastened panels of pixels (one panel every for the RED, GREEN, & BLUE elements of an NTSC video picture). LCD additionally delivers a considerably sharper picture than DLP at any given decision.

LCD projectors often produce considerably increased ANSI lumen outputs than do DLP projectors with the identical wattage lamp.DLP projectors have a a lot increased pixel “fill issue” than LCD. DLP-based projectors typically produce a a lot smoother wanting picture in comparison with LCD-based projectors of comparable decision.

DLP-based projectors have a excessive distinction ratio and environment friendly use of sunshine. Distinction ratio compares the ratio between the brightest white and the darkest black {that a} projector can produce. Usually, a greater distinction ratio results in higher black ranges and, due to this fact, a extra reasonable presentation of darker scenes in motion pictures and TV packages.

DLP projectors are usually extra compact as a result of they’ve fewer elements.

All the present 3-pound transportable projectors available on the market are DLP projectors. Most LCD projectors are 5 kilos and up. The upper lumen fashions are considerably heavier and bigger. Excessive lumen projectors usually are not thought of transportable.

You could match the brightness of the projector to your viewers and room measurement. Giant rooms and audiences require excessive bulb power brightness. (Projector bulb power brightness is measured in ANSI lumens or lumens).

All projector leases vary from about 1000 as much as 6000+ lumens in brightness. The upper the lumen the brighter the projector.

As much as 1000 lumens -good for low ambient mild, displays.

2000 lumens -These are the most well-liked items being bought and rented right now. Very sensible and can work with some ambient mild.

3000 lumens -A lot Bigger unit than the1000 to 2000 lumen items. Good for audiences of lower than 100 with ambient mild.

5000 lumens – For audiences of 100 or extra beneath brighter lights

6000+ lumens – For giant occasions like conventions, conferences and tradeshows the place hundreds of individuals have to view a presentation on the identical time.

One other consideration is portability of the projector. Decrease lumen items are probably the most transportable.

As a common rule, as you improve bulb power brightness, you cut back portability. Excessive lumen projectors are bigger and weigh greater than low lumen projectors.

For extra data on renting the best projector to your presentation contact a Tech Journey Agent at, electronic mail or name toll free 800-736-8772.


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